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TCT counterbores

Counterbore with a slow spiral drill fitted.
Tungsten Carbide Tipped for use in abrasive materials.

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Snap CB/1TC Drill 4mm - C/bore 9.5mm

(Prod ref 1697-6051) Our Price: £13.44 (£16.13 inc. VAT)

Snap CB/2TC Drill 4.75mm - C/bore 9.5mm

(Prod ref 1697-6052) Our Price: £13.44 (£16.13 inc. VAT)

Snap CB/3TC Drill 4.75mm - C/bore 12.7mm

(Prod ref 1697-6053) Our Price: £13.92 (£16.70 inc. VAT)

Snap CB/4TC Drill 6.35mm - C/bore 12.7mm

(Prod ref 1697-6054) Our Price: £14.49 (£17.39 inc. VAT)

Snap CB/5TC Drill 6.35mm - C/bore 16mm

(Prod ref 1697-6055) Our Price: £15.44 (£18.53 inc. VAT)

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