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Everbuild and Sika - Pinkgrip Dry Fix

Product Reference: [ DRYFIX ]

Product Description
EVERBULD PINKGRIP DRY FIX is a revolutionary new type of fast curing adhesive foam that has been specially developed for the rapid installation of Plasterboard, Insulation Boards and other such materials such as Roof Decking and Floorboards.
Supplied in a pressurised canister Pinkgrip Dry Fix is applied with an applicator gun that has been specially manufactured to offer optimum adhesive extrusion rate and compatibility with the special “safety” type of valve used on the canister.
Note: Pinkgrip Dry Fix must only be applied using the Pinkgrip Dry Fix Applicator Gun, ordinary Foam Guns must not be used.

Pinkgrip Dry Fix provides significant time, labour and convenience benefits when compared to traditional dry wall adhesives, a summary as follows:
30% time saving over conventional dry wall adhesives.
Board only needs holding for 1 minute
Can be plastered in ONE HOUR
Canister can be left on gun for immediate re-use
No mixing
No mess
No water
No bucket
No dust
No heavy bags to carry
Once can fixes 5 standard boards
Can be applied to board or wall
Works on solid walls, metal & timber studding
Timed delay prevents post expansion once in position
Helps to reduce cold bridging
No nails or screws. No filling over or popping out.

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Pinkgrip Dry Fix

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