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Exitex - Capex - CWF 70mm Wall Flashing Profile Rag 55 - 3.0mtr

Product Reference: [ 1.04.0267. ]

•Concealed Fixings for high quality finish
•Ideal for capping single, double or triple glazed glass, acrylic and polycarbonate structures
•Adjoining panels on the same plane or pitch to 5 degrees up or down
•High quality supple EPDM gasket with cord, re-tained in situ by special design
•So versatile for - conservatories, sky light roofing, glazed walk ways, shopping centres, swimming pools, railway and bus stations etc…
•Install wet or dry - no increased costs due to wet weather construction
•Maintenance friendly - damaged glazing is easily replaced - remove caps, loosen screws, replace damaged panel and tighten Capex down
•Wall Flashing Profile for a high quality finish
•RAG 55 is a high quality flexible EPDM compatible with glass, polycarbonate and acrylic sheeting
•RAG 55 prevents damage to the glazing by forming a protective barrier between the glazing and the raf

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CWF 70mm Wall Flashing Profile Rag 55 - 3.0mtr

(Product reference 2154-0)
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