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Exitex - Capex - Hip Bridging PVC

Product Reference: [ 1.04.055 ]

Position rafter gasket onto the king rafter securing it in place into the centre of the king rafter, allowing it to finish in the gutter.
Position and secure rafter gaskets onto the jack rafters allowing them only to overlap onto the outer ribs of the king rafter by about 12mm (1/2") - ensuring the centre channels of the king rafter gasket is kept clear. If coming from a hip allow these gaskets to finish in the gutter.
Cut the Capex 60 Capping bar to the length of your valley or hip. If not supplied I situ, install the Hip and Valley Gasket - for a valley thin portion to the outside, for a hip - thick portion to the outside.
Position Glazing material onto the roof. Now temporarily place this length of Capex 60 into the valley or onto the hip enabling you to measure accurately the length of Capex for the Jack Rafters, (allowing for these CFX or Hip and Valley Bridging's.

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Hip Bridging PVC

(Product reference 2411-0)
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