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Exitex Door Sills - OUM4 Sill

Product Reference: [ OUM4 Sill ]

•For outward opening doors
•Accepts MWK striker block for flush bolts in double doors
•Suitable for exposed locations
•Ideal for double doors
Sizes available up to 6020mm contact us for a price

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OUM4 Sill

OUM/4 -914 mm-Gold

(Prod ref 7269-11766) Our Price: £7.80 (£9.36 inc. VAT)

OUM/4 -914 mm-Mill

(Prod ref 7269-11767) Our Price: £7.52 (£9.02 inc. VAT)

OUM/4 -1200 mm-Gold

(Prod ref 7269-11768) Our Price: £10.52 (£12.62 inc. VAT)

OUM/4 -1200 mm-Mill

(Prod ref 7269-11769) Our Price: £10.52 (£12.62 inc. VAT)

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