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Hoppe - Arrone - Stainless bolt through 19mm x 150 to 600mm =

Product Reference: [ AR3616/150,225,300,425,600BF ]

Supplied with two 8mm x 75mm countersunk bolts c/w Allen Key Including two clear 19mm fl exible nylon washers for neck of pull handle
standards and certifi cation
Conformity Statement: Pull Handles with a length of 400mm and above meet
the dimensional recommendations of BS8300 and Approved Document

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Stainless bolt through 19mm x 150 to 600mm =


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(Prod ref 1926-2500) Our Price: £8.95 (£10.74 inc. VAT)


(Prod ref 1926-2501) Our Price: £10.29 (£12.35 inc. VAT)


(Prod ref 1926-2502) Our Price: £13.19 (£15.83 inc. VAT)

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