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The origin and meaning of the Celtic phrase "I mak siccar" is directly related to one of the most decisive moments in Scottish history.

The defeat of William Wallace in 1298 by Edward 1 at Falkirk is reputed to be due to the defection of the forces of John Comyn (Earl of Badenoch) to the English forces.

After the capture and execution of Wallace in 1304, Comyn had ambitions of becoming King of Scotland. It was at the Monastery in Dumfries where Robert the Bruce and Comyn came face to face and after an argument Comyn was wounded by Bruce. Bruce advised his escorts that he doubted Comyn had been slain. Roger Kirkpatrick stepped forward saying "I mak siccar" (Iíll make certain) and finding Comyn wounded, stabbed him in the heart.

Robert the Bruce was subsequently crowned King of Scotland in 1306

In 1951 a plaque was placed in Castle Street, Dumfries, marking the spot where Comyn was slain by Roger Kirkpatrick.

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